Издательство Пачатковая школа
Издательство Пачатковая школа
Издательство Пачатковая школа
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june,18 2018 monday

Merry English

Отгадай загадки при помощи картинок.
You will guess the riddles choosing one of the words given below. One word may be used more than once.

I was at the zoo in summer.

I felt sorry for the lama,

So mournful, so sad!

I gave her a piece of bread.

In winter I'm not cold:

I have a hat, a coat.

One day I made a snowman.

It is not difficult, I can.

I made the body and the head.

I used a bucket1 as a hat.

I'm not boasting, I think.

I'm the best in our rink.

Long, long ago there lived a Frog in a pond with two Ducks. They were very good friends. The Frog liked to talk very much, and she liked the Ducks, because she could talk with them.

So they lived there for a long time, and they were very happy.

A small fly ate a big cake.

Then she had a stomachache.

And two beetles — Jill and Bill

Tried to help — gave her a pill.

There was once a lion who was very, very old. He could not hunt now. So he thought of a cunning1 plan. He went to his den2 and stayed there for a long time.

Reynard the fox¹ one day asked a stork² for dinner. But he did not want to give him any dinner, really. He only wanted to laugh at his friend.

1 2
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